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Summary of “The Horse-Dealer’s Daughter”


The short story begins with three brothers and one sister around a table, they seem to be in a kind of bad mood; Mabel, the sister, is always apathetic about her brothers are saying to her.

            While we experience a brief description of the characters Mabel and Joe who is the eldest brother, the narrator tells about a cavalcade that is passing by their house. Later, we have a description of Fred, the second brother, and Malcolm, the youngest one, is just announced in the story. Then, they start asking Mabel about what she is going to do, apparently about a job and a place to live. She keeps the same behavior as before, she did not answer to the questions. Jack Ferguson, a doctor, enters in the story and they talk about his cold and about the moving of the brothers.

            Then, we have a description of the family’s history. Their father was a horse-dealer and they were rich, but now their father was dead and they all are poor. At this point, the reader knows about her mother, who is already dead, and her sister who went away, giving an idea of how lonely she is.

            In that afternoon, she takes a bag, with some objects in there, goes to a graveyard next to a church and arranges some chrysanthemums in a cross. She fells “connected” with her mother doing that. Then, the doctor sees Mabel at the graveyard but he only stares at her, he feels attracted to her in some way. Later, he meets Mabel again, she is going to a pond and suddenly she drowns in the pond. He save her and takes her to her house. There, he undresses her, puts dry cloths and give her whisky. She opens her eyes and says that he loves her. At this moment, the narrator describes a strange fascination that Jack has about Mabel; he is completely enchanted by her as she continues to say that he loves her.

            After a kiss, he confesses that he loves her. But, in the very end of the story Mabel is frightened by Jack’s intonation when he says that he wanted her, she is not sure if he really loves her.