Selection process for the Master’s degree

All applicants must submit a pre-project at registration. The selection process consists of a specific knowledge exam, an instrumental language exam and an interview.



The pre-project will be based on a model available at the Post-Graduation Office of the Faculty of Letters and on the Program homepage.

The applicant must choose one of the proposed themes and develop the question asked by the board of examiners on the chosen topic in essay form, necessarily observing the theoretical support suggested in the bibliography. The answer must be written in the applicant’s selected language in the case of the area of Linguistic Studies, and in the language of the chosen literature for the area of Literary Studies.

Consulting books and dictionaries and taking notes are allowed during the first hour of the exam. Total length of the exam: 3 hours.

Instrumental language exam (German, Spanish, French, English or Italian)

Answering in Portuguese questions about a text in the selected language, which may not be the selected language for the Specific Knowledge Exam.

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