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Revista Eletrônica Interfaces is published twice a year. It is registered as ISSN 1516-0033, and was created in 1995 in the Center of Letters and Arts of the Federal University of Rio de Janeiro. It publishes the results of research and reflections that make up the production of knowledge developed by its Post-Graduation Programs: Architecture, Visual Arts, Science of Literature, Linguistics, Interdisciplinary Applied Linguistics, Classical Languages and Literature, Neo-Latin Languages and Literatures, Vernacular Language and Literatures, Music and Urbanism and welcomes unpublished collaboration from researchers in the areas of Arts and the Humanities.



Labor Histórico
(ISSN 2359-6910) is an online bi-annual journal of the Post-Graduation Program in Neo-Latin Languages and Literatures of the Federal University of Rio de Janeiro specialized in the area of Romance Historical Linguistics. Its aim is to foster scientific production in the area of Historical Linguistics and related areas, such as Philology/Textual Criticism and History, and divulge the work of researchers from Brazil and abroad, in order to contribute to the debate and the progress of the area. It focuses on studies devoted to Romance languages such as Portuguese, Galician, Spanish, French and Italian.


The Revista América Hispânica was a publishing project directed by Prof. Dr. Bella Jozef, who was Professor Emeritus in our Post-Graduation Program in Neo-Latin Languages and Literatures, with the support of the José Bonifácio Foundation.

Issues released

1 – Violência & Poder (out of print)

2 – Mulher & Sociedade

3 – História & Literatura

4 – Homenagem a Manuel Puig

5 – Poesia Hispano-Americana

6 – Fuentes & Carpentier

7 – Homenagem a Jorge Luis Borges

8 – Adolfo Bioy Casares

9 – Juan Carlos Onetti

10 – Pablo Neruda: itinerários poéticos

11-12 – Literatura Argentina: de Sarmiento a Saer

13-14 – Literatura Mexicana: do feito histórico ao fato estético

15-16 – Literatura Chilena: tradição e renovação

17 – Augusto Roa Bastos: testemunho e ficção


Monographic cahiers

O Teatro Barroco da Nova Espanha, MARILUCI DA CUNHA GUBERMAN

Realidade e Ficção em El Carnero, MARIA APARECIDA DA SILVA

Formação da Simbólica Erótica na Obra de Carlos Fuentes, MARIA APARECIDA DA SILVA

Octavio Paz e a Estética de Transfiguração da Presença, MARILUCI DA CUNHA GUBERMAN

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