The Post-graduation Program in Neo-Latin Languages and Literatures prepares personnel for research and teaching at the higher education level in the following areas:

  • Neo-Latin Literary Studies (options: Spanish Language Literature, French Language Literature, Italian Literature, Languages and Cultures in Contact).
  • Neo-Latin Linguistic Studies (options: Spanish, French, Italian, Languages and Cultures in Contact).

The Post-graduation Program in Neo-Latin Languages and Literatures is a national and international reference centre for research and teaching of the Spanish, French and Italian languages as well as Spanish language literature and French and Italian literature.

Its objectives can be summarized in three points:

  1. To prepare teachers and researchers specialized in Neo-Latin languages and literatures and provide an academic environment for the production of knowledge and reflection on their teaching activities and learning process.
  2. To conduct integrated research that incorporates current theories and methodological approaches from the areas of Linguistics, Applied Linguistics, Literary Theory, Comparative Literature and Poetics, aiming specifically at Neo-Latin languages and literatures.
  3. To conduct research that integrates other areas of knowledge into an interdisciplinary approach.

Since its creation in 1983, the Program has developed its teaching and research activities aiming at an authentic integration of Linguistic Studies and Literary Studies, seeking an interdisciplinary approach.

The Program’s perspectives for the future include:

  1. A theoretical and critical reflection that takes into account the specificity of the field of teaching and learning modern foreign languages and literatures in the educational context of the Brazilian reality.
  2. An institutional policy of national and international cooperation agreements and partnerships to carry out research and divulge its results.

MASTER’S DEGREE: 30 months – 24 months for scholarship recipients
DOCTORATE: 48 months – scholarship recipients and non-scholarship recipients

Target Audience:
MASTER’S DEGREE: holders of Bachelor’s degree in any area of knowledge.
DOCTORATE: holders of a Master’s degree in Language or Literature or related areas.

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